If you read my previous post, you would know I’ve been to Kastrup and that I’ve taken picture of arriving planes. But what you don’t know is – that my dad and I didn’t leave Copenhagen afterwards.
We went downtown! Deep inside the city. After a couple of metro-issues though.
Theres a lot of beautiful and amazing buildings in Copenhagen. A lot of architecture.
Den blå planet // The Blue Planet  Is Denmarks biggest aquarium and the building itself has one of the most exceptional shapes I’ve ever seen on a building. Truly amazing to witness.
Den Blå Planet is the gray building.
Later we went into the heart of Copenhagen and discovered the bronze/round building. I’m going to be honest – I doesn’t really know what’s it called or what they’re doing in it.
But it sure does look extraordinary beautiful. All the round shapes.
Not really a whole lot of things to say more about it. Just enjoy the pictures!

Heart Of CopenhagenHeart Of CopenhagenThe Blue PlanetThe Blue PlanetDSC_3253DSC_3273DSC_3276

A hello from the “unknown”

Over a couple of weeks now we’ve been “interrupted” by this fella. An f16 suddenly – multiple times – filled the silence of no-mans-land with the loud low fly-bys.  I was quick enough all the times to RUN in the house and grab my camera. Well, my quick reactions resulted in a broken glass, and a ruined letter due to water damage. WORTH IT!
It’s still unknown to me why we’ve got these honourable visits multiple times, I dont even know where it came from. Skrydstrup maybe?.. As you can see under the wings, the fighter is suited with two fuel tanks. Long practises from the airforce ? It’s all a huge question mark in my head, but one thing I know for sure – I DO NOT complain about the visits. 🙂



No pain no gain. That’s the magical sentence for a huge amount of things.
By that I mean – I am NOT a morning person.
It’s 05:30 here in Denmark, and my dad and I took off to Kastrup airport. It’s roughly a 1,5 – 2 hours drive from where we live – depends on the traffic. And no – we weren’t going on vacation – we were planespotting.  836 planes departures from Kastrup each day alone. The same number goes for the arrivals. What’s that an hour?.. 36-ish?.. Kinda yes.
My dad and I arrived at 07:30 and stood there waiting for a plane to come by. Luckily we didn’t have to wait a year or two for a plane!  They came in with a couple of minutes between each other. And no, I know, its not Heathrow! But it’s the best we could do. And I do not complain actually. Even though we didn’t see a lot of heavies – mostly the “smallB737 and A320.
Now I was prepared to the teeth with my tracking-app. 🙂 So I could see when the planes came, where they came from, what type, how high and how fast, what company, how old – YOU NAME IT!  I looked further into the day on the app, and saw that 13:01 there would be landing an Airbus A380 from Dubai! Emirates!. And for those who dont know – thats the worlds biggest airplane. For passengers however.
We agreed that we wouldn’t leave the place without the sight of such a monster.
6 hours went by, and it finally came clear to the naked eye in the horizon. What a bird!
I have posted a few of the pictures from the day here, and of course the biggie at last.

Oldies (2011)

This post has the same story as the previous post ”(Oldies 2010)” but there’s a little more interesting story behind these pictures. Well some of them.

The first picture from saint mere Eglise with the doll hanging down the church is just next to an Airborne Museum (Musée Airborne). But why? On the night before D-Day (June 5–6, 1944), American soldiers of the 82nd Airborne parachuted into the area west of Sainte-Mère-Église in successive waves. But for John Steele (the paratrooper at the church) it wasn’t as successive as it should be. John Steele jumped out of his plane the night before June 6th and actually LANDED on the church. He was stuck up there for about two hours before the germans captured him and later escaped.
Unbelievable he still managed to survive the rest of the war.

But what is the huge house/castle?!

Of course! Mont saint Michel!
Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island and municipality in the region of Basse-Normandie in Normandy, France. It is located approximately 1 km from the country’s north coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches. Build in 1523 (pretty old yeah) where it was used as a monastery.

The big canons?
I will tell.

Situated west of Arromanches-Les-Bains in Normandy, Longues-Sur-Mer overlooked the ocean from the top of a 65 meters height cliff, a perfect position where the Germans had installed a four 150 mm guns. On 6 June 1944, at (around 5:30 am) several allied battleships opened up on the battery. When the Allied Armada was in sight, the German guns shot back. The HMS Ajax concentrated its fire on the German battery at a range of 1.000 meters. The battery stopped operating for a short time, but a fire started to shell the Landing ships until 5 pm. The Longues Battery surrendered to British troops the next day with 184 men.

Oldies (2010)

i’ll try to make this short.
Yesterday i found my old old computer with my old disc (HDD) in it.
In 2012 i (thought) i ruined the disc in it and then dumped the computer somewhere in the house for 4 years.
So yesterday i got this brilliant idea to open the computer up, insert the plug and turn it on. It was at this moment i got to see, that my disc was running! But the display still wasnt turning on!…  I concluded that my disc was NOT dead after all!
I ripped my disc out of the computer, and connected to my present pc. And voila! The old windows 7 was running smooth as never before, and best of all! I got to get my VERY FIRST pictures EVER back in my collection. (of course i didn’t think of backup as a 10 year old boy).
Today i have looked every single picture through and even to find out there is potential in a few of them. Here are my favorite pictures from our vacation in France – 2010. 2011 is coming later!

A Cold Evening


So. Friday evening / night I took on my big ski clothes, charged the camera and pumped my bike – as I had decided that there should be a photo or two in the frost. Yes. Frost degrees – because it is there the sky is cleanest without miscellaneous summer haze. Fun fact ?. Yes. So I took the bike and drove off to what I believe is the highest peak in my hometown. (Not very high haha) It was dark, cold, wet and creepy. Buuut got a little out of the cold ride Even so,. It all resulted in an icicle of a helmet. No pain, no gain? 😉

The Jungle Book

”The Jungle Book”

Well, yesterday i had myself a little bike-trip a couple of miles away!.. Then i suddenly fell over this forest, and just HAD to explore the secrets of this bizarre place!..
Parked my bike, and went on adventure! A litte path was already made from previous discoveries, i guess, but there was still a huge ammount of branches all over the path. And even worse! – Nettles! Ouch.. (and yes, i wore shorts!) Just like a junge! Haha..
After a little while, i fell over this, as shown on the picture! Just in the evening light! Made a quick decision, and went out into the stream with my tripod! .. Almost sailed away in my shoes!.. This is the result ladies and gentlemen

Watch in maximum quality:


A trip to Austria!

In january i was with my school to Austria to ski. I’ll admit, im not the best at it, and i even ended up on the hospital!! But yeah.. To my luck  the camera had a place in my suitcase! Undoubtedly. So when the whole hotel was deep inside dreamland, i went out to do what I think i’m good at. Well.. At least BETTER at. This is our view from our room at night, amd at early morning.


Rhodes ! Have just spent 7 days with my family at this amaaazing Greek island ! Although I have hardly had time for the big camera-fuss through the last year , BUT it would still have a place in my suitcase ! Undoubtedly. It was great to get away from the Danish weather ( enough said ) , to the scorching sun ! Wohoo!. I will not write a novel here, from experience i learned that there are many who do not read it!  I just wanted to quickly throw a few of my pictures up . Then I go out and enjoy the weather ! – Hah , joke .

The sunset castle!

Been a while since a did something on my blog! 9 months i think… – So now i’ve updated the whole page! And pulled it together, and loaded up on a lot of new pictures! So i’m back on track. I guess!

On Tuesday the 2nd I got for the first time seen Søbysøgård illuminated by beautiful sunset and reflection in Søby lake . Did not get quiiiiite enough , so I was allowed to tear my girlfriend with a trip back down to the lake , at 05 in the morning ! just before the sun rose, and gave the beautiful morning light. The images are mixed a little ! .. Well… After all I think have ” lucked it out ” as they say 😉

Misty mountians!

So there’s a little story behind this.
In the summer 2014 i was in Switerland with my dad’s side of the family, and we were up in the mountians and it was SO beautiful seeing it!. Well, at least something different than flat flat Denmark.
I found the original picture in my Lightroom Libeary, and thought to myself: ”Hehe, i could try to make this some kind of ”autumn” picture by changing the colours and adding a little mist” .. Wait… Did i just tell you what i did to the picture? .. Damn it.
Anyways, i’ve had A LOT of fun editing this in my free-time, some say it’s too much, others say its really nice. I think i’m going 50/50. Hope you like it!

In the mountians! Switzerland
In the mountians! Switzerland

Misty Morning!

I’ve been walking with myself the whole week, thinking; ”How and where am i going to shoot my autumn picture!?”
So i found this sea/lake in a small place called ”Ravnholt” in Denmark my clock was set to 06.30 in the morning, then a 7km. bike-ride wited for me. In my weekend. Well you gotta sacrafice to get the good shot. Or at least my dad told that many years ago. I have to say, im really happy with my autumn shots this year. Hope you are too!

The Star Experiment

It’s been a while since i’ve posted here, the 19th March i belive. Icould come up with a lot of excuses, but i won’t, i just want to say i’ve started on a new school, been really busy, and had my first concert a couple of days ago.
But now to the important part! – I fell over a post on facebook a couple of days ago, ”How To Take Pictures Of The Milky Way?”
I read the post, and i HAD to try it out myself. This is my very first shots, i’m not done with shots like this, and next time i’ll tri to get a little ”motive” in the shot.

Have a nice week!

The Animal Update!

Well. It all started yesterday when i found my long lost animal folder, i was very sad when i thought i ”lost” it, some months ago. Yes, so i found this folder, and i was SO happy, then i said to myself – ”I got some of these pictures uploaded on my blog! Time to update them!” So thats what i did. Some of them are new too, i didn’t upload then.
All the pictures are from our lovely Zoo in Odense – Denmark.

Blog updated!

This time im not uploading pictures.
However, i have updated the blog, and thrown out many pictures. Only some of my favorites is in the picture categories now!
I got tires of looking at the ”old” pictures.
And i have updated and putted a new theme on the blog! I think it’s an awesome theme, a little bit more easy to use. If you ask me.
Oh, and i just did a little editing in the ”About” page, but most people wont notice.
Hope you like the new ”fresh” blog!
Have a nice day, to all my followers!

A Cold Morning

In Denmark we had a really beautiful morning last week.
But unfortunately i had to go to school that day, so i said to my mother who wasn’t at work that day; ”When it get’s lighter outside, will you then take my camera and go outside to take a couple of photos?”
Of course she would do that for me. So i went to school and when i came back, i saw these photos.
I think she did a pretty awesome job that morning, taking pictures! Here’s the results, of my mothers pictures, and my editing.